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Types of cleaning and pressing

As a full service cleaner, we provide both dry and wet cleaning, iron/press only service, as well as laundered shirts. We process a huge array of specialty garments including bridal gowns, uniforms, theater costumes and mascots.

We also offer services for household items, such as bedding, draperies, and table linens.

“highly recommended”

“My clothing and houshold items are an investment.  The Afendoulis family understands that, and treats my items like their own.  They are honest, hardworking and above all care about the quality of their work and customer satisfaction. Simply a great place to do business and the best kind of people to do business with. I highly recommend them for formal wear and dry cleaning.”

– Annie Hudson

Some basic pricing

Suits $23
Sportcoat/Blazer $13
Slacks/Pants $10
Sweaters $8.50
Necktie $6
Laundered Shirt Hanger $3.95 Hand Fold$4.50 
Plain Dresses $18
Formal Dress $45+/ Bridal $100+
Heavy Coats $18 – 50 (length, fill etc.)
Golf Shirts $7

Household items:

  • Down Comforter $25+
  • Quilts / Throws $16+
*Note: upcharges apply to some delicate fabrics and items requiring special handling due to trim.

We have two Grand Rapids locations to serve you and another convenient spot at your office or front door!

Striving for minimal impact

We offer reusable canvas bags, hanger recycling, and paper covers for customers who prefer not to use plastic


Wedding gown cleaning and preservation update.

We clean more gowns than anyone in West Michigan. To ensure high quality and care we require a 4-8 week turnaround for completion. We text you when your dress is ready.

Make sure your dress has a care label inside, if not, please locate the manufacturer’s cleaning directions prior to dropping your dress off.

 Bridal Gown Care

Say YES to a preserved dress. Clean & Box $250

Protect your investment for years to come. Cleaning your dress as soon as possible lowers the risk of permanent damage from delicious spills, joyous sweat, makeup smeared hugs and dance floor dirt. We will pay strict attention to the Manufacturers cleaning instructions on the care label and care for your gown as if it were our own. Boxed Preservation currently costs $250. Pre-payment required.

Don’t want to box it? Not to worry – other options include clean only $150-200, and press/steam only $100-150.

Gown Care Basics

It is extremely important that bridal gowns be properly cleaned and stored as soon as possible after the wedding.

The longer that dirt, oils, food and beverages are allowed to remain on the garment, the greater the risk of permanent damage. Many stains dry invisibly and later, without cleaning, they will oxidize and appear darker. If you wait more than a few weeks, the oxidation process and heat of the cleaning process can darken stains and make them more difficult to remove.

Our gown preservation service assures that your important and valuable wedding dress is cleaned and protected during storage but despite our 79 years of experience, some faint stains may remain, and trim may change after cleaning immersion.

Outdoor Weddings and Beach Weddings: Remember that many stains from dirt and grass as well as components in the ocean water permanently stain dresses. Despite every professional cleaning effort, some stains will not come out completely. If you hope to sell your dress, make sure you stay clear of extreme outdoor circumstances and staining substances, as they may be permanent.

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For optimal spot treatment and quality we recommend 1 to 2 day turnaround for standard cleaning.
Gowns and Household items require more time.

As a full service cleaner, we provide both dry and wet cleaning, iron/press only service, as well as laundered shirts. We process a huge array of specialty garments including uniforms, theater costumes and mascots.

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