Spill on your favorite sweater? Coffee stain on your work pants? Or just looking to have your clothes cleaned by the dry cleaning experts at Afendoulis? Whatever the situation may be, here are some tips for preparing your precious clothing for a trip to the dry cleaner.

Whether it’s a suit, your favorite evening gown or your casual everyday clothing, if it needs a good cleaning, bring it in to one of our three GR locations (or check out our pickup and delivery service!). It’s pretty simple!

  1. Step One- gather up all of your not so fresh clothing (you know the ones).
  2. Step Two- examine your items for spots or stains. Please do not use home spotting agents such as bleach pens or attempt to pre-treat stains, leave that to us! Home remedies often lead to a bigger mess than what you started with, especially on dry clean only fabrics!
  3. Step Three- Bring them in, and be sure to point out spots or stains you are aware of upon arrival so we can get the job done right.

Pro tip, make sure to bring in clothes soon after a fresh stain hits the fabric! This will ensure less damage to the fabric and better odds of full recovery and stain removal.

A little extra advice- Make sure to unbutton all of your buttons and empty your pockets. Who knows what you will find in your pockets, we don’t want you to lose any loose change! Ink pens, candy, lipstick and lip balms are often culprits of permanent damage.

SO in summary! (In case you missed anything) Once clothes are gathered, pockets are emptied, buttons are unbuttoned and stains are made known, leave the rest to the professionals! In store or delivery, fresh clothing from the clean team at Afendoulis is the best.