Protect your investment!  Clothing and household textiles are an investment, so be a smart shopper!  ALWAYS read care labels before making a purchase and if you buy custom made items ask for fabric details and some form of a cleaning instruction.  

Especially window treatments, table cloths, and decorative items!  Make sure the manufacturer doesn’t have a disclaimer on the recommended cleaning instructions like “exclusive of trim.”  This means the trim on the garment has not been tested for clean ability!  

What is trim?  Good question!  Pretty much anything other than the fabric itself; buttons, buckles, belts, fringe, feathers, beads, sequins, threads, graphics, zippers, and snaps!  YIKES, it is a long list. 

This disclaimer also means that if the trim fails, the manufacturer will not be responsible.  So, if they won’t stand behind the things they sell, it’s unlikely that the retail store you purchased it from will either. 

And of course, since we are textile experts, not manufacturers or retailers, we really can’t be responsible. 

It’s lonely out there on your own isn’t it?  If you read the care label, make sure the item is cleanable, and buy from reputable retailer.  You are a SMART SHOPPER!