Most often you purchase clothes that you love and plan to wear for years to come. After purchasing your favorite clothing items, you likely have two main goals, to wear and preserve them. How well you care for your clothing will determine the longevity of let’s say, your favorite sweater or button-down. Washing and drying plays a significant role in your clothing care. Have you ever considered bringing your clothes to the dry cleaner? If not, we are about to show you how making a stop at your local dry cleaner can benefit your clothing investments in the long run. 

Textile & Fabric Experts: Who can handle your clothes better than an industry professional? We are professionals with a whole lot of expertise in textile/fabrics (there are schools for this stuff!) With an extensive background in a wide variety of different textiles and materials we know precisely how to care for whatever you bring us. Ensuring your clothes are cleaned the right way.

Solvent is the Solution: Solvent is thicker than water and thus much softer and more gentle on fabrics (think of a bath of jello vs. water). In dry cleaning, we use a solvent to wash your clothes, no water involved. This ensures your clothing is getting the deep clean it needs to stay looking fresh.

Keep Your Colors Bright: When you bring your clothes to the dry cleaner, colors and any dyes will remain brighter. Constant use of a washing machine will cause the coloring in your clothing to dull. Nobody wants to wear dull clothes. Your colors are important to us. When we dry clean your garments, we ensure the color you brought your favorite dress in, stays that beautiful color.  

Goodbye Wrinkles: Nobody wants to go out in wrinkled clothing. When you bring your clothes to the cleaners, our professional steamers will take out all of your wrinkles, keeping your garments looking fresh and ready to wear. Your hand steamer and iron don’t stand a chance to professional steaming power at the cleaners.

Your Fabrics Are Safe With Us: It happens to the best of us, you take your clothes out of the dryer, and your fabric is pilling, leaving your clothes covered in tiny little pieces of fuzz. After bringing your clothes to the dry cleaner, you will go home with clothes that are less distorted of surface fibers, which means less tiny fuzzies and pilling!

In the end, bringing your most cherished clothing to be regularly dry cleaned will leave you with clothes that will last longer; thus, protecting your investment. Now, who doesn’t want that?
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