Well it’s simple really, it’s called DRY cleaning because there is no water in the process (and you thought it was magic dry particles shooting through your clothes in a special sparkly machine?).  Don’t feel badly, most peeps are unaware that clothes go into a dry cleaning machine, much like a front load washer on steroids, and get sloshed around in a liquid.  Then they go into a similar clean, rinse, and spin cycle to remove the liquid and dirt.  The liquid in our magic machine has no H2O, but a liquid solvent. 

These dry cleaning solvents are gentler, as they are chemically more viscous, big word?  Ok, thicker.  Just picture your clothes being tossed gently in clean pure jello, soft and smooshy.  Solvents also have better cleaning properties than water and soap, pulling away dirt and oils more effectively. 

Not to mention (but I will) that the moisture in water affects textiles in many adverse ways and can shrink and fade some of your favorite duds.  After cleaning the items in the machine, they are dried right where they started; so no transferring items into a dryer, like at home. 

Pretty smart huh? A washer dryer combo.  So, in a nutshell, no water.  Just solvents that will help keep your clothing investment colorful and clean with a perfect shrinkless fit!