We all have at least one garment that needs to be cared for a little differently than your average wash and wear clothing item. We spend time and money picking out and purchasing the right clothing. Your garments are investments you want to care for properly for as long as possible. Being knowledgeable about the different ways to clean your clothing is the first step to keeping  it in top shape. It’s essential to understand your clothing’s care labels and the different processes for cleaning and caring for your favorite garments. See our blog Protect Your Investment, Read Care Labels to learn more. The next step to the cleaning process is recognizing the difference when it comes to caring for your most delicate garments. This means grasping the difference in processes between handwashing and dry cleaning. 

To learn more about the process of dry cleaning visit our blog, What Is Dry Cleaning Anyway? The key factor in dry cleaning is the fact that this process doesn’t require water, rather a special dry cleaning solvent which is tough on stains but gentle on fibers, and thus one of the safest cleaning options for your clothes. Many times care labels will either read “dry clean only” or “hand wash only” if your label allows both the key difference is in the soil removal. There are also differences in the way you are finishing, steaming, and pressing your clothes. If your garment is considered very delicate you should never risk the potential damage of hand washing it at home. The most effective way to clean is through professional dry cleaning, since dirt, perspiration, and oils will be removed more successfully. Dry cleaning uses solvents that are more gentle on clothing fibers than soap and water, yet better at dissolving soil. 

When in doubt, trust the experts at Afendoulis to remove pesky stains and care for your most delicate clothing. Contact us today to learn more, or check out our free pickup and delivery service.