Many people question the importance of following directions on those “Dry Clean Only” labels. Fact is, it is beneficial for both you and your clothing to use a professional dry cleaner like Afendoulis. Dry clean only tags are most commonly found on silk, wool, acetate, rayon and velvet fabrics, as they are easily damaged by home cleaning methods.

Although some garments will survive hand washing techniques, you are taking a risk washing these dry clean only items. It is very important to read and follow care labels on your garments. The manufacturer has tested the fabric, construction, dyes, threads and trim. They suggest dry cleaning because one or more of these components reacts poorly to washing and heat. It’s not a random label added for no reason, it’s a guide protecting you from ruining your investment! For this reason when purchasing clothing you should always use reputable clothing retailers.

They stand behind the textiles they sell and dry cleaning techniques ensure their clothing will last longer. Not all care labels are accurate from less-trustworthy retailers, so if you are in doubt, take your items to a professional cleaner. The dry cleaning process is safer for most fabrics, so let us explain.

Dry cleaning uses solvents, not water, to clean those delicate fibers. This process eliminates grease and oils that water cannot remove. Clothing is tossed in a solution much thicker than water, which causes these oils to loosen more gently. Human skin is loaded with natural oils that coat the clothes we wear, so this is super important. Dry cleaning also prevents shrinkage, shape distortion, color loss, and changes in texture that can be caused by water, detergents and harsh dryer heat. In the final stages clothing is steam pressed to remove wrinkles. Dry cleaning ensures that you are getting the most for your money because your clothing will withstand life’s big moments and small trials.

Next time you see that “dry clean only” label on your favorite shirt, think twice before washing it. That mistake could cost you more than you know.

Let Afendoulis give the professional care you and your dry clean only clothing deserve!