(And Why We Don’t Use It)

If you have ever received your clothes after they were dry cleaned with a strong chemical smell,

then they were not cleaned properly. The dirt and stains may have been removed, but instead, a

residue of chemicals coats your garments. What exactly is that chemical?

Perchloroethylene, better known as “PERC,” is a commonly used chemical in dry cleaning solvents that can leave an odor. Cleaners at Afendoulis stay away from using PERC solvent because it is also a central nervous system depressant. It can enter the system through inhaling or contacting the skin, and short term exposure can cause dizziness, rapid heartbeat, fatigue, and other symptoms.  PERC is bad for your health, the environment, and especially people working in the cleaning industry.

Afendoulis is proud to be a PERC free facility because we want to treat our customers, staff, and garments with the highest respect and appreciation. Remember, PERC solvents have the greatest effect on individuals who work in a dry cleaning facility, and prolonged exposure is linked to neurological damage. At Afendoulis we use healthier options, such as non-hazardous hydrocarbon solvent, to ensure that our staff work in the safest conditions.

Although consumers risk is low, long-term exposure to PERC has also been linked to several forms of cancer and can cause damage to parts of the central nervous system, as well as the kidney, liver, and lungs.

PERC can build up on garments after repeated dry cleaning sessions before dissipating into the air. This build-up could affect someone who is exposed to that air, so why take the risk? The various dangers with PERC can be avoided through our services. Afendoulis prides ourselves on using eco-friendly solvents for our earth, our team and you.