While thinking of useful information to blog about it occurred to me that quite often, it’s personal. As we consider ourselves textile experts, we also take pride in being people persons. Clothing is important, but it is most certainly the people who fill those clothes that we care about most.  We like what we do, but more than that, we like the people we have the privilege to work for.

It really makes our business special as we not only get to make a difference in the lives of others by caring for their clothing, but we also get the added blessing of becoming their friends. Two of our long time customers, Mr. Richard Hiner and Dr. Ben Balkema, went to heaven over this holiday season and we felt the loss.  These particular customers were both amazing men, one a Korean War vet who lost his arm in service to our county was a good husband, father, athlete and professional piano player.

The other, a WWII Veteran was a respected Optometrist who also enjoyed golf and was a devoted husband and father. They both had an amazing spirit and personality that we all loved.  Some of us attended visitation and I went to one of the funerals.  It was just another reminder of what matters most on this earthly journey.  May their memories be eternal.