Lots of fashions today have braided, twisted lace type trim.  It’s pretty and let’s face it, you bought it for that reason!  Unfortunately, after cleaning they appear unraveled, stringy or ragged.  It will occur on relatively new garments IF the trim is not properly secured during construction.

The end threads have to be anchored and twisted properly to avoid loosening.  The movement of our bodies during normal wear causes fabric abrasion and the mechanical agitation of cleaning (by you or us!) only makes the condition worse.  Bummer is that there is no way to know if the garment is made properly until it’s too late.

Sometimes even the best manufactured garments begin to show this type of problem due to the delicate nature of the materials.  So, if you buy lacey items, make sure they are from high quality brands that you trust!  AND, refrain from wrestling in them.